Vintage 1981 Dawes Super Galaxy Touring Bike Eroica ridden 65cm 25.5 inch


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  • 65cm / 25.5 inch Frame
  • 59 cm / 23.25 inch top tube
  • Full rebuild / refurbishment prior to being ridden at 2018 Eroica Britannia
  • Full bare metal respray and new decals


This 1981 Dawes Super galaxy was built to ride in the 2018 Eroica Britannia vintage cycling festival. An event that it handles extremely well. It being comfortable and equipped with 36/32 gears for the numerous hills (never had to climb off!)

The aim was to make it as original as possible and use as much of the original part as possible. We started off totally stripping and cleaning all components. The frame, forks and rack were then media blasted back to bare metal. Paint was then applied to the components (We used to do this along with their clear varnish) after the new decals were applied.

All components were then tested, rebuilt, polished then reinstalled. New old stock Grabon grip sponge was then fitted (a bugger of a job) along with new inner / outer cables and brake blocks. We fitted a new shimano BB-UK55 sealed bearing bottom bracket instead of the old cup and cone bearings but still have the old parts if required. All this was topped off with a new chain and freewheel (cassette).

This is a vintage bike but is not just for show, its more than capable of still being used as a touring bike and rides fantastically.

We have full photo documentation of the rebuild.

Points to note

The clear varnish cased a slight run from the Reynolds 531 decal under the seat (see images)

This is a vintage bike and is not new but rides great.


Things needed to take back to fully original

  • Rear wheel is not original Weinmann concave wheel
  • Front rack required
  • Rear derailleur should be a Suntour Cyclone – Currently Shimano
  • Front derailleur should be Suntour – currently Shimano
  • Hoods for levers
  • Locate and fit pump
Shipping and Delivery
We would prefer to have it collected as its precious but if your within 100 miles of us in Durham City DH1 I can deliver it for the £20. Alternatively I can meet you within 100 miles for the same fee.
If your further afield I can get a bike box for it and package it properly before shipping it via courier to mainland UK for £49.95